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It's no big secret that people talk about brands on social media, but whether you're there to reply or not is another matter. Keeping on top of it all can seem daunting, especially considering the number of places people can be talking.
What if you could see where people were talking about you all in once place? What if all of your social media mentions and accounts were accessible all from one place? Well,
Cadence is the solution.

How does Cadence work?

Incoming Data

You can define exactly what you want to see on Cadence. Whether it is a certain keyword or an entire account, it will automatically pull in all the echoes you want to see, nothing more, nothing less. Fully customisable at any time, you can track and monitor any keyword or account you wish across multiple social media platforms, all at the same time, all in one place.


So, you've got your streams of information coming in, now what? Well, you need to decide what to do with it. The unique workflow lets you quickly and easily process all mentions of your brand, so you can get in touch with the people that really need contacting, without spending all your time filtering through junk and spam. It couldn't be easier, just junk and ignore the things you don't need to interact with, keep the things you do. Once you've got all those important mentions, you can assign them to team members, add sentiment, importance, and many other elements to the interaction, so your team knows exactly what to do to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Cadence's innovative user interface makes it easy for anyone to use. All from one window can see everything you will need to know not only about the person you're interacting with, but all the key information about the interaction so far. History, user profiles, correspondence, notes, past interactions, linked accounts, and more. You'll never miss a beat.


But what does all this mean? All this means you have the very best chance of giving your customers, and potential customers the very best service possible. Having all your accounts and information all in one place means you can deliver the best service to your customers, and we all know that well looked after customers are happy customers. Social media is the new method of consumer interaction, so don't leave it to chance, let Cadence make managing it that whole load easier and never worry about it again.